About The Campaign

Tell Everyone.

The Global Goals Australia Campaign is a nation-wide campaign to promote the achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The campaign aims to engage all levels of the community in the importance and fulfilment of the Global Goals in Australia and our neighbouring countries for future generations. The fulfilment of these goals is essential for future generations to continue to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life on Earth.

The Global Goals Australia Campaign works with the United Nations and NGOs to be able to provide a platform for federal, state and local governments, corporations and private companies, educational institutions, community groups, service groups and charities and religious institutions to promote their work towards the achievement of the Global Goals. This platform is for everyone to engage in the Goals and feel inspired to Tell Everyone.

The Global Goals Australia Campaign also encourages people to take action towards achieving these goals and consults with different organisations about how to most effectively achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.


Todd Ashton
Education Spokesperson

Todd Ashton is a dedicated and passionate primary school teacher. Todd is also the Global Goals Australia Campaign’s Education Spokesperson. Todd believes his role as an educator is to lay the foundation for children’s emotional and social intelligence by building character traits and resilience in children in order to empower them to do what they are passionate about in life. He believes the Global Goals provide an ideal way to do this. By building rapport with his students and fostering a positive and supportive learning environment, Todd encourages his students to have exciting, insightful and meaningful conversations about how young people have the power to make a difference in the world. “The importance of educating children on sustainable development is paramount; they are the next generation of leaders, and they must know how to safeguard our planet for the future.”

Martin Dowling
Director of Partnerships

Martin Dowling is an experienced serial entrepreneur, who has founded a number of businesses including the Star Car Wash Group and Coraggio, Australia’s leading CEO advisory board organisation. Martin has also been involved in the turnaround strategies of several companies and regularly takes on strategic advisory roles.

Martin was previously the CEO of Ultraceuticals ANZ, CEO and founder of the Star Car Wash Group, Managing Director of Car Kleen ANZ (WashTec) and COO of the publicly listed company Corporate Express (Staples).

As a member of The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Martin collaborates with other like minded people to perform charitable work in the community. The Order’s members seek to live their lives in a charitable manner that embodies the Christian Spirit.

Martin is a passionate Advocate for The Global Goals and believes that everyone needs to take part in shaping the future, a future that will be very different if we all act now and do our part in making this change possible.

Robbie Merritt
Official Photographer

Robbie Merritt is one of Australia’s most renowned portrait and celebrity fashion photographers nominated the ‘First Official Photographer to World Fashion Week (WFW) Paris’ in 2013. Merritt was acknowledged by WFW for his outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements, dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry. His confronting exhibition of over 100 Australian ‘Cancer Survivors’ in the ‘You Are Beautiful’ in 2013 skyrocketed his humanitarian status, and he was nominated ‘Australian of the Year in 2014’. Published of late in over 300 overseas magazines and newspapers in 10 languages, in over 30 countries, he is also the founding member of ‘The Horn of Africa Relief Organisation’. Merritt is a photojournalist within the United States Press Agency and has been since 2013. He is ranked ‘Top 10’ international photojournalist. Merritt’s impressive list of clients include politicians, actors, models and high profile fashion labels from all over the world. Merritt graduated with his Diploma in Photography in 1977 where his career started at ‘TVW7’ and the ABC. Merritt has actively followed his love for fashion adopting the ethos “Fashion for Life”. Fashion can be used as a very powerful tool to combat poverty in many countries through responsible development of sustainable infrastructure within the textile industry.

Nikita Wadia
Administrative Assistant

Nikita is a graduate of Monash University with a double major in Human Rights and Politics. I am passionate about alleviating poverty, in particular homelessness, and in the concepts of genocide and crimes against humanity. I developed a passion for human rights when I took up a few human rights units in my first year at university, and have since wanted to make a difference in Australia and abroad. I chose to volunteer with Global Goals Australia Campaign because I saw how actively and closely they work with local governments and with the United Nations to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are met.

Steph Adams

Former Model, Steph Adams is an Art Director, Global influencer and Author who has worked with British Vogue, Net-a-Porter, Marie Claire, Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar UK, Conde Nast Traveler and Vogue Entertaining & Travel. Highly respected in the fashion industry, Steph has collaborated with various high end brands since launching stephadams.com in 2009. Her creative style and taste has been called upon with in the industry to produce creative concepts for fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Loreal Paris, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co, Estee Lauder, Waterford Crystal and many more.
Steph shares her passion for philanthropy by continually working to support charities globally, such as Institute for Royal Deaf and Blind Children, Barnardos x Sass & Bide, Pink Hope Foundation, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Belvedere x RED and Jeans for Genes. Steph continues to support charity initiatives.
“I hope that in the future that we can end extreme poverty. It breaks my heart to know that more than 702 million live in extreme poverty today. So many are suffering in various countries that have limited food, water and shelter. People living in extreme poverty are forced to make impossible choices daily between food, medicine, housing, or education. Their are various developments taking place and the more people that are aware of these, the better the results to end extreme poverty will be.”

Shauna Anderson

Shauna Anderson has been a qualified Naturopath for 11 years and also worked in the health industry for over 9 years, specifically for BioCeuticals and more recently Medlab Clinical Limited. She has a Bachelor of Science degree and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. Her passion has been living a healthy and balanced life ever since she began studying natural medicine. More specifically she is excited by the fact that she can use her combined skills in science and naturopathy to help people achieve the same thing, in particular children. Being a mother of two, she has also been fortunate enough to be able to use her knowledge of natural medicine to help keep her children as healthy as possible. Achieving good health through, diet, lifestyle and natural medicine is her primary objective for her family and her patients. It does not however exclude conventional medicine as a modality and she agrees that all forms are important and can be used for the greater good, when used appropriately.
‘Global goals’ is a way that Shauna feels she can give back to the community, especially in the area of Good Health. Whilst her focus is on this particular goal, she is also very inspired by the notion that all the goals will be achieved in the future and looks forward to being a part of this worthy campaign.

Kirsten Laiken Brown

Kirsten is an Entrepreneur & business women who has been involved in various businesses from being a Recording Artist to establishing a Cosmetic Import & distribution business in Australia. In Los Angeles her home town, Kirsten worked in the film industry. Kirsten has a bi-coastal life between Australia and the US.

Kirsten’s involvement in charitable organisations includes Red Cross & Foodbank. As a mother of a young son, Kirsten is passionate about advocating for the Global Goals with a focus on Goal #5 – Gender Equality.

Kirsten is a firm believer that education and awareness on The Global Goals has the power to create a more sustainable, equal world where equality can be balanced, poverty does not exist and a sustainable environment can be created through education, awareness and accountability.

Regan Brown

Regan owns and manages 3 successful businesses in Australia and New Zealand. His companies keep workers safe, provide valuable services to growing businesses and support the economy by ensuring a flexible, reliable and specialised workforce. The recruitment company employs more than 1000 people every day. “Helping to give people a reliable and safe job gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves, their families and the community.” Regan is passionate about supporting The Global Goals with a specific interest for Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Mitch Eady

Mitch is an experienced Chartered Accountant and Big4 consultant that specialises in assisting companies anywhere on the business life cycle journey from initial start-up, through growth, to maturity and ultimate market prosperity. Mitch works for PwC as a manager in our ever growing R&D Tax & Legal team, and focus on assisting clients obtain R&D Tax Incentives, Grants relating to innovation and commercialisation and finance to fund both of these increasingly important business activities. Mitch is passionate about supporting Global Goal number 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Mitch believes that a partnership with governments and business will help sustainable development in a more innovative way. Innovation, and ultimately commercialising the results of this, is the way forward for Australian businesses that want to not only future proof themselves, but prosper going forward.

Elaine Forrestal

Elaine For­re­stal is a West Aus­tralian award-winning author whose work has been pub­lished in Aus­tralia, the UK and Amer­ica. Before her successful career as an author, Elaine was a teacher and has many years of experience presenting literature to children in classrooms. Elaine offers stimulating workshops, author talks and storytelling sessions for children of Primary and Lower Secondary age as well as professional development for adults. Elaine is passionate about the rich education children can receive by engaging in literature and is a proud advocate of the Global Goals with a particular enthusiasm for Goal 4: Quality Education.

Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy is studying his PhD in Economics at the University of Sydney and has 10 years experience in the international development sector. He holds a Masters of International and Development Economics from Yale University. Before starting his PhD, Chris was a researcher with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as well as having worked as an economist for UNICEF Uganda, the Australian Aid Program and the Australian Treasury. He has produced over 15 policy research papers on a range of topics related to poverty, inequality and the sustainable development goals.

Loughlan Kenyon-Quigley

Locki is currently a History student at the Australian National University whose schooling journey has filled him with a strong passion for global goal number 4 – ensuring a quality education for all children. From attending a low socio-economic primary school, Locki finished his schooling at Wesley College (Perth), and now hopes to finish his Honours in History at the ANU.

After being awarded 3 successive academic scholarships to Living Waters Lutheran College, The CSIRO School Program, and Wesley College respectively, Locki was elucidated on the true value of a quality education. An education that allows children to advance not only academically and socially, but also to be afforded the opportunities which come with a well-rounded education; whether it be something as minor as recognizing what subjects a child is passionate about, to being involved in school bands, sports and co-curricula’s.

It is this holistic view of education that Locki believes should be accessible to all children in all schools in all places, allowing students to recognize what they’re passionate about and pursue their interests in a supportive schooling environment – a holistic and supportive schooling environment that is globally so often institutionally inaccessible.

Locki has previously worked as an Electoral Officer within Parliament House, giving him first-hand insight into the process of policy implementation and reform, which he hopes to achieve within the school system.

Ulrich Kunzmann

Ulrich was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, where he did all his schooling, finalizing it with a diploma in sciences and mathematics. He then changed course and attended the famous Hotel School in Lausanne, after which he pursued his career in international hotel business, mostly in various Asian countries. His last position, for almost 9 years, was that of General Manager of the then Burswood Resort Hotel in Perth, Western Australia. He is now fully retired, but is still very busy with travelling, gardening, wood work, and many other interests. He is married to Gloria from Singapore, and they have two grown-up children. Ulrich is a proud Rotarian and an outstanding example of “service before self”.

d'Arcy Lunn

d’Arcy Lunn’s dreams and daily life are dedicated to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere and forever!
For the past 15 years d’Arcy has experienced more than 80 countries, given over 500 presentations to more than 50,000 people and worked with leading aid, development and global education organisations and people.
His self-initiated project and presentation, Teaspoons of Change, focusses on the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.
In 2015 d’Arcy worked in South Sudan with UNICEF on polio eradication, gave schools, Rotary and community presentations on global citizenship, shared his Polio Points award system to promote global citizenship and did so much more.

Kath Mazzella OAM

Kath Mazzella OAM is a gynaecological cancer survivor. Kath is the founder of International GYN Awareness Day and the founder of the popular Undies for Better Understanding Campaign. After her surgery, Kath discovered how little women knew and talked about conditions “down there” and how many women were suffering in silence. This empowered Kath to go on a journey to educate women- not only around Australia – but around the world about the importance of understanding and awareness of gynaecological health issues. She has received several awards for her dedication, passion and incredible contribution to raising awareness of gynaecological health issues. Kath believes the Global Goals are a great way to start talking about issues which are considered uncomfortable or slightly taboo in society in order to increase understanding and promote good health and well-being.

Tony Mazzella

Tony Mazzella is the proud husband of Kath Mazzella OAM and a gynaecological health awareness campaigner. Tony complements Kath’s campaigning efforts by speaking about gynaecological health issues from a male point of view. He works with both males and females to break down barriers and stigmas associated with talking about gynaecological health issues and also raises awareness about the mental impact associated. Tony believes the Global Goals are an all-encompassing agenda, focusing not only on the physical side of ill-health but on the emotional burden it places on family and friends.

Paul McLeay

As a Director of the Human Capital Project, a Fellow at the McKell Institute, and a Director of the Sydney Business Education Partnership, Paul believes in unlocking potential in every person. He has always campaigned for inclusion and social justice. Paul has taken leadership roles in church, community and politics. “The place where you were born should never dictate your educational aspirations, your life expectancy or your ability to contribute to making the world a better place.”
Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Barbara McNaught

Barbara McNaught is a successful CEO and proud global citizen. Born in Poland, Barbara speaks five languages and studied Law at Warsaw University. At 21, Barbara was talent spotted and went on to become a successful actress, appearing in 25 leading movie roles with notable actors such as Kurt Jurgens, Jack Thompson and many others in countries around the world, including South Africa. It was here Barbara turned her attention to fund-raising. In 2001, Barbara migrated to Perth, WA and founded Momentum Forum Events in 2002. Since then, Barbara has been passionate about creating prestigious awareness and fundraising campaigns and events. Momentum Forum events include International Women’s Day in support of the prevention of violence against women, the Men in Black Ball in support of men’s mental health and the Pink Ribbon Ball in support of breast cancer research. Following her the success of the company, Barbara established the Momentum For Australia Charity in 2012 to assist the wider community to participate and support new initiatives such as the Your Kiss Counts campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence, men’s mental health and breast cancer. Barbara also founded Transform Your Life Forums dedicated to address mental health issues through seminars and workshops. Barbara’s latest project, the Hello Darlink! talk show has captivated an international audience as she interviews great people with great stories from all walks of life. Her passion for the Global Goals can be seen most evidently in her continued dedication to Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 5: Gender Equality

Alexandra Patience

Alexandra is a model who is currently having a gap year before she begins her studies at Sydney University.

Alexandra in her gap year has been modelling as well as volunteering for an Australian youth led organisation, Oaktree. Oaktree is an organisation that aims to end extreme poverty. She is off to Hong Kong in May for 3 months to model, and is currently planning her travels to India, Burma, and Laos.

Alex is passionate about international equality, health and fitness, and cooking with natural and healing ingredients.

She wishes to become an economist and apply her skills to create policies, which aim to alleviate extreme poverty and combat other pressing issues.

Global Goal #1 – No Poverty

“Since I was young I have watched many documentaries, movies, and TV shows that deal with extreme poverty. They show us what is like to be deprived of basic human needs such as access to food, safe drinking water, shelter and education.”

“I always asked, why is it ok for someone to be born in another country from myself, and suffer such different prospects? There is no answer, because extreme poverty is simply unacceptable. I believe in international equality, were everybody has access to basic human needs, and were the rights and dignity of every human being is respected. ”

We look at extreme poverty, as well as many other pressing issues as to complex, and we tend to distance ourselves as we go about our every day lives. We tend to forget about our fellow humans who are struggling to survive, and who are denied basic human rights.

“I believe if we change our mindset and the way we view extreme poverty, ending it within the next few decades is undeniably attainable.”

Annette Perrin

Annette Perrin is the Director of Creational Consulting and a proud Global Goals Advocate. She has been involved in some of the country’s mega infrastructure projects as a collaborative coach, innovation catalyst and governance advisor. She is excited to apply her knowledge of unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and industries to benefit the achievement of the Global Goals by supporting the campaign to collaborate across private, public and for purpose sectors. As a Board Director and Chairperson of a number of for purpose organisations she is committed to social justice, the promotion of human rights and the creation of a brilliant future for her daughters. As a successful businesswoman with daughters of her own, Annette is particularly enthusiastic about seeing the achievement of Goal 5: Gender Equality.

Amy Plant

Amy Plant is a Global Voices Scholarship recipient, attending the United Nations ECOSOC High Level Political Forum in New York, a follow up meeting to review the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. With over a decade of experience in the Western Australian creative industries sector, Amy is passionate about the role of arts and culture as a driver for achieving Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Since living in northern Western Australia and Queensland, Amy is an advocate for empowering regional and remote communities to diversify their economies by sustainably developing the cultural tourism sector, (Target 8.9), while using tourism development as a mechanism to safeguard cultural heritage (Target 11.4).

Amy is currently completing a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts at CQUniversity.

Ashlea Talbot

Ashlea is a former model and investment banker, and current yoga teacher and mother of two. Her modelling career took her to London, Panama, New Zealand and Taiwan and included her representing Australia at the Miss Universe pageant in 2003.
After completing her university degree, Ashlea commenced work as an analyst in Mergers & Acquisitions, and worked in the finance industry until 2011, when she decided to pursue a different path and undertook her yoga teacher training.
Ashlea has successfully been teaching yoga since that time and her client list has included celebrities and Olympic athletes.
Her greatest achievement to date is being mother to Camilla and Lincoln. She currently resides in Rose Bay, Sydney.

Global Goal #10 —
I find it fundamentally wrong that we live in a world where some people are sleeping on the streets, refugees drift afloat, people are going hungry, being denied basic human needs – clean water, shelter, medicines and vaccinations while others are spraying champagne on one another, spending tens of thousands on Birkin bags and vicuna jackets, taking selfies in their Ferarris in the lap of luxury.
I don’t like that we live in a world with a Gini coefficient of 0.915, where self-indulgent consumerism is aspired to, and I’d love to see a change in attitudes, a move towards greater compassion and generosity towards our fellow men and women, greater equality and fairness, and I believe there is more than enough in this world for no-one to go without.

Ranjit Voola

Ranjit Voola is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Business School. He is passionate about challenging future business leaders to rethink the relationship between poverty alleviation and profitability. He has developed a unique subject in Australian business education, relating to the role of business in implementing the Global Goals, specifically Goal 1: No Poverty. His research includes adopting the Base of the Pyramid and Creating shared Value frameworks to understand how businesses can engage with the Global Goals genuinely to address social issues, such as poverty and gender equality and make profits, simultaneously. In 2014, he was invited by the UN to take part in the World Investment Forum in Geneva, as an expert in developing pro-poor curriculum in Business education. In 2015, he was part of the team that organised the first Australian Social Good Summit, which examines the implementation of the Global Goals In 2016, he has been invited as a speaker at the Australian Inclusive Business Forum.

Cass Wilkinson

Cassandra Wilkinson has a diverse background covering the not-for-profit sector, politics and the media. She is a founder and President of FBi Radio (94.5fm Sydney). Her publications include chapters in six books on topics from leadership and inequality to happiness economics. She has two books of her own on politics and parenting, The Kids are Alright: 10 good reasons to let kids be kids and Don’t Panic: Nearly everything is better than you think. Cassandra has been a speaker at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Davos Forum, Battle of Ideas (UK) and the ABC’s Big Ideas. “Year after year it is trade that does the heavy lifting, generating the growth that creates the wealth that feeds the poor and allows them to take their children out of work and send them to school. It’s growth that makes the wealth that spurs the middle class to demand political franchise, environmental standards, gender equality and rights for minorities.”