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Empowering Women in Myanmar

March 15, 2016
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CUFA this month officially welcomed Justin Alick from our key donor AFAP Action on Poverty to Myanmar with a visit to three emerging women’s self-help savings and loans groups in the villages of Tha Yet Chaung, Suk Su and Ywar Tan Shae Sout Wine Gyi, in remote Taik Kyi township.

The Penny Drops for Star Saver Rany

March 30, 2016
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Just like any typical 10-year-old in Australia, Rany Thoeun from Cambodia would spend his meagre pocket money on lollies, snacks and toys, without much thought for the future. And just like many Aussie fourth graders, Rany is also a bright student who works hard to get good grades. But for Rany and his classmates growing up in one of the world’s poorest nations, that’s where the similarity ends.

Fiji's Rocky Road to Recovery

March 23, 2016
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When Cyclone Winston, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded in the Pacific, hit Fiji on February 21-22, long time CUFA supporters as well as many new ones joined the appeal to help raise funds for the people of the island nation who suddenly found themselves on the edge of survival.