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Fairtrade is a global system working toward fair and sustainable trade conditions for farmers and workers. The Fairtrade system harnesses the power of businesses, traders, producers and consumers to enable the empowerment of farmers and workers in the world’s developing countries.

Fairtrade recognises that trade is an important tool for sustainable development and that it is therefore also central to the Sustainable Development Goals. When trade structures are designed with sustainable development in mind, they can boost incomes, tackle poverty and deliver lasting impact.

For more than 25 years, the Fairtrade system has demonstrated dramatic poverty-alleviating impacts by helping to ensure markets are informed, supply chains are transparent and held to high standards, and producers and workers are empowered to define their own futures.

Fairtrade works with 1.65 million small scale farmers and workers, who are among the most marginalised groups globally, using trade rather than aid to support them to improve their livelihoods (Goals 1, 2, 5, 8).

Fairtrade supports farmers and workers to address a range of economic, environmental and social challenges, including pushing for living wages for workers, building resilience to climate change and enabling communities to invest in education (Goals 4, 8, 13).


Fairtrade forges trading partnerships, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, and greater equity in international trade (Goals 2, 8, 17).

Fairtrade empowers farmers and workers through a unique governance structure, with 50% producer ownership, combining rights-based standards with inclusive representation at all levels to strengthen commitment, governance and accountability to empower farmers and workers (Goal 16).

Fairtrade engages the public to campaign for more sustainable production and consumption in trade (Goal 12).



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February 17, 2016
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Fairtrade’s work is central to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Deeper impact, more benefits for smallholders and workers, and greater advocacy roles are among ambitious new goals outlined in 2016-2020 global strategy.  

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July 1, 2016
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