#ICYMI: December 16, 2016

A Billion Dollar Bet for a Healthier Future Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Alibaba chief Jack Ma, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and a long list of other...

#ICYMI: December 16, 2016

A Billion Dollar Bet for a Healthier Future

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Alibaba chief Jack Ma, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and a long list of other corporate luminaries have announced plans to form a $1 billion investment fund specializing in clean technology. The fund named Breakthrough Energy Ventures will last 20 years, and will focus on energy-producing technologies that don’t emit any greenhouse gases. The fund was created from the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a Gates-led multibillion-dollar initiative to mobilize global business and government leaders on climate change. Many business community leaders remain committed to the technology and caution that moving slowly would cede American leadership on clean energy technologies. This is not just because they think preventing the environment from crumbling is a good idea, but they also think it’s good business, as wind, solar and other alternative energies are becoming cheaper than fossil fuels.

However this fund is not just focused on the conventional sources of energy, but it also greatly emphasizes the need for an energy miracle through breakthrough innovations.

UNICEF 70th Anniversary

For more than 70 years UNICEF has defended the rights of children all over the world especially during times of conflict and displacement. Millions of girls and boys are still denied their rights solely because of who they are or where they live, because of their gender, race, religion or disability or because they live in remote villages or slums. UNICEF believes that an equity based approach is not only morally imperative, but is also a strategic requirement. The organisation was present during the aftermath of World War II as the world witnessed mass destruction and despair, and is still present today during the refugee and migrant crisis where children are again the most vulnerable victims. UNICEF has protected and advocated for all children who face violence, discrimination, disease and malnutrition.

To commemorate the occasion UNCEF has launched a publication of a new book For Every Child, Hope UNICEF @ 70 1946- 2017 which details 70 years of the organisation’s work.

[Credit: UNICEF Canada]

[Credit: UNICEF Canada]

Global Community makes $75 Billion Commitment to End Extreme Poverty

A coalition of more than 60 donor and borrower governments gathered at Yogyakarta, Indonesia to up the fight against extreme poverty with a record $75 billion commitment for the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries. The funding will enable IDA to dramatically scale up development to tackle conflict, fragility and violence, forced displacement, climate change, gender inequality and promote governance and institution building, as well as jobs and economic transformation which are areas of special focus over the next three years.

Financing during the IDA18 replenishment period, which runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020, is expected to support essential health and nutrition services for up to 400 million people, access to improved water sources for up to 45 million people, financial services for 4-6 million people, safe childbirth for up to 11 million women through provision of skilled health personnel, training for 9-10 million teachers to benefit 300+ million children, immunizations for 130-180 million children, better governance in 30 countries through improved statistical capacity and an additional 5 GW of renewable energy generation capacity.

For the first time in its 56 year history, IDA is seeking to leverage its equity by blending donor contributions with internal resources and funds raised through debt markets. A total of 48 countries pledged resources to IDA, while additional countries are expected to pledge in the near-term. A total of 75 low-income countries are eligible to benefit from the IDA18 financing package.

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California to Regulate Energy Use of Desktop Computers and Monitors

News from around Australia:


Minister for Health Meegan Fitzharris has thanked ACT Nurse Practitioners for the care they provide Canberra’s community in celebration of National Nurse Practitioner Day.

#Goal3: #GoodHealth & #WellBeing

The Australian Electricity Market Commission’s Electricity Price Report shows what an affordable, clean energy powered future can look like for Canberra, says Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury. The cost of achieving 100 percent renewable electricity will peak at about $5.50 a week for households in 2020 – a cost that the community has said is acceptable, and a cost that is largely offset by the ACT’s Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme which will deliver savings of about $5 per household per week in 2020.

#Goal7: #AffordableEnergy & #CleanEnergy and #Goal11: #SustainableCities & #SustainableCommunities


The NSW Government is building a social housing complex for single older women in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo.

#Goal10: #ReducedInequalities

Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts, said typical residential customers can save between $284 and $445 per year by shopping around and switching to a new product or retailer, while small business customers could save between $568 and $856.

#Goal7: #AffordableEnergy & #CleanEnergy


Education Minister Eva Lawler has said a fair funding deal is needed at the COAG Education Council meeting in Melbourne to ensure those most vulnerable in our society are well supported to end the cycle of disadvantage.

#Goal4: #QualityEducation

The NT Government has taken a monumental step in establishing Darwin as Australia’s first fully operational transportation trial site for an autonomous passenger vehicle.

#Goal9: #IndustryInnovation & #Infrastructure


Maximising South Australian defence opportunities, increasing exports and expanding freight and passenger channels are among key strategies outlined in the state’s first South Australia-Europe Engagement Strategy.

#Goal9: #IndustryInnovation & #Infrastructure

Construction has started on the first of 139 schools receiving infrastructure overhauls in the Government’s $250 million STEM Works program.

#Goal4: #QualityEducation

Funding to accelerate recruitment of South Australia Police officers has been increased to $51.5 million in the Mid-Year Budget Review.

#Goal16: #Peace, #Justice & #StrongInstitutions


The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant forestry sector to boost local economies and support jobs in regional Tasmania.

#Goal8: DecentWork & #EconomicGrowth and #Goal15: #LifeOnLand


Minister for Police Lisa Neville today joined Victoria Police to announce Operation Roadwise – a 24-day state-wide road campaign targeting dangerous driving, drug driving and irresponsible behaviour on our roads over summer.

#Goal3: #GoodHealth & #WellBeing


The WA Open for Business program reached a major milestone with the opening of a Perth-based trade office to help facilitate up to $10 billion of private sector investment to help transform Western Australia’s agribusiness sector.

#Goal9: #IndustryInnovation & #Infrastructure

The Liberal National Government has delivered on its commitment to training in Esperance by committing $17.85 million to build a new, state-of-the-art TAFE campus for the community.

#Goal4: #QualityEducation


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