Meet the Board

Daniel Raihani

Daniel Raihani is an economic analyst, entrepreneur and dedicated activist for world peace and fulfilment of Global Goals. At the age of 8 Daniel got involved in the finance industry and over the years has developed a vast wealth of knowledge through working in the private sector. Daniel has been involved in a number of Charitable Organisations and is delighted to be co founding the Global Goals Australia Campaign. Daniel’s approach to the goals is, “Everyone has a responsibility to help achieve the goals, together we CAN change the world

Caterina Sullivan

Caterina Sullivan is the CEO of Global Goals Australia and the leader of the Global Goals Australia Campaign. Caterina started the campaign in October, 2015, after working with the Global Poverty Project and Project Everyone in New York for three months to launch the Sustainable Development Goals on September 25th. It was here she developed her passion for the realisation and delivery of the Global Goals. Caterina envisioned what the achievement of the Global Goals could do for Australia as a country and embarked on a journey to work alongside governments and organisations to make this vision a reality.

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